Calimera is the local fishing group from Suez comprised of four friends who venture into the Red Sea for days at a time to retrieve fresh seafood catches.

What first started as a hobby between friends Mohamed Shafie, Reda Emara, Khaled Fadali, and Abdou Emara took on a life of its own. Fadali, nicknamed the ‘king of the Red Sea’ by his friends, has expertly memorized the waters and knows where to find what and how.

Setting out to sea on Adam II, their fishing boat which they named after Fadali’s son, became an everyday thing. Before long, Calimera Seafood opened its doors in Suez’s Ansara Market. The small fishing company now sells over 60 different kids of fish and seafood, and has taken to social media to reach customers outside of Suez. 

To get your hands on their fresh catches, visit their Instagram page.