If any of you have gone on forced desert safari trips with your family, you’re probably quite familiar that after a long day of (pretending to) hike, there’s nothing quite as wholesome and comforting as a nice Bedouin meal – and better yet, topped off with a warm glass of Bedouin tea. In recent years, Bedouin food has become more accessible in the big city, with its stans no longer needing to head out to the desert to experience its amazingness, and Qarya Badaweya, translating to ‘Bedouin Village’ – which opened in Citystars in the beginning of this year – is no exception.

Boasting a diverse menu ranging from breakfast to, pretty much every type of grilled protein you can think of. Tawagen fans rejoice, as they also serve an insane collection of the undisputed crowd fave like molokhia, la7m bel basal, okra, vine leaves with kaware’ and ‘akawy – all cooked and served in the earthenware pot. Qarya Badaweya is also coming through with Libyan fave pasta dish ‘Mebakbekah’ with chicken, sogo2 and lamb.

The make an order and get to experience the Bedouin culinary experience, call 15407 for delivery.