Food Hangouts is a community of Egyptians that meet to bond over food, and the best part is, you’re invited! What they basically do is organize meetups for like-minded people who share their love for food and Insta Story it before they eat it. All you have to do is secure a spot through their Facebook page, and you’ll be treated to an afternoon of good food and great people.

The community was founded by Zeinab Fatehy earlier this year. If you were to guess, however, what Fatehy worked as, I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that she’s a chef or perhaps a food critic. But her day job, surprisingly, has less to do with knives and forks and more to do with numbers, with her being the co-founder of a software house for mobile apps.

You must be wondering how she ended up at the forefront of a food community when she drowns herself in codes for a living -- this is why I'm going to take, for a little bit, on her journey. Fatehy has always loved eating and trying out new restaurants, but as she grew older it got harder and harder to make plans with her friends. It’s a struggle we’re all too familiar with in our busy, fast-paced age. But unlike the rest of us, Fatehy, and her entrepreneurial background, decided to take matters into her own hands.

"I began to think there must be more people like me," she tells me. "Why isn’t there a platform or a community where we can all share our passion about food and eat out at restaurants together?” With that beautiful thought in mind, she picked the perfect day to host her first hangout: National Eat What You Want Day.

But Food Hangouts isn't just about, well, food. It's a way to escape and forget about the hectic work schedule and making new friends, she tells me. Although Fatehy still has much bigger plans for Food Hangouts, she says that she’s most proud of how the community has allowed people to gather for the food they love, despite any other differences between them.

Check out Food Hangouts on Facebook by clicking here.