2019 is almost over and we have seen great innovations in the world of munchies. So, lazing around, bingeing on Netflix and food has never been easier. But, we found out that it can indeed be made easier; with the cheesiest comfort snack out there.

The Cheetos covered food maybe a late trend to arrive in Cairo. So please allow us to say, it's about damn time we lost our selves to memes while enjoying some Cheetos ice cream     

Chicken Cheetos Burger from Wow Burger

Yup, this is exactly what it looks like. Crushed Cheetos on a massive chicken burger that is just aching to be munched on.  

Cheetos Ice Cream from Sugar Rush

We all licked our Cheetos-covered fingers at some point in our lives. Sugar Rush decided to replace our fingers with a big delicious bowl of ice cream and save us all the trouble of being disgusting.  

Cheetos Pasta from Pasta2Go

So, obviously someone at Pasta2Go had a real bad case of the munchies, dumped and entire bag of Cheetos on pasta and said YOLO.

Mac n' Cheetos from Square Burger

If you thought pasta and Cheetos was a weird combo, wait until you try this creation. It's basically an oddly delicious and addictive calorie-fueled disaster. A delicious one. 

Cheesy Cheetos Fries from Wow Burger

There is absolutely no way that this therapeutic invention could have gone unnoticed on this list. Cheetos on cheese on fries is basically asking you to eat the feels.

Beef Cheetos Burger from Lord of the Wings

This Flamin' Hot Cheetos-covered burger is just Lord of the Wings saying that you could put Cheetos on almost anything and it would work 

Corn Cheetos from Corn Craze


Corn Craze have proven that they can make corn work with every thing especially Cheetos. It's literally one of their best made corn creation