Ducks are amongst the most various and delicious type of birds. But they are also one of the most underrated birds to have ever flown our skies (wait, do ducks fly?). Nobody really gives ducks enough credit. We here at SceneEats, however, want to change that, which is why we've rounded up the below places from around the capital that will make you scream "HOLY DUCK!"


Oras is one of the very few places that has mastered the craft of duckery, keeping all their ducks at an incredible meat to fat ratio.  

Location: Heliopolis

Sobhy Kaber

Sobhy Kaber brings some of the best migrating ducks to the table. Not good for politics but great for a proper dinner.

Location: Shubra


Bram is where you could go to enjoy a traditional Egyptian duck. Which is obviously better than any other non-Egyptian duck, because Maser

Location: Nasr City


Ducks are known for working well with oranges, but Tajoury prepares their ducks with nuts, raisin and brown rice. We're aboard that ship and so should you.

Location: Manial 

El Hadra

 Oh my God, Becky,  look at that duck's thigh. It's just so big, and El Hadra just loves big ducks.

Location: Nasr City

El Kahera 30

All 30 days of the month, you could try thirty different ducks, at El Kahera 30 obvs.

Location: Mukkatam

Beit Roqa

Everything from the grilling to the stuffing of the delicious birds is done with skill and love that it might seem like Beit Roqa is deliberately trying to stuff you full like their ducks.

Location: Mohandessin