Pizza Burger - Caruso's

Legend has it than John D. Caruso was contemplating whether he should eat a pizza or burger when he was hit the realization that there’s nothing stopping him from having both. The pizza burger is not a compromise, it is fully pizza and fully burger, pepperoni, cheese, pattie, dressing and all.

Melting Volcano - Daddy's Burger

Daddy’s Burger seem to have taken ‘thinking outside the box’ too literally. Their burger comes with the cheese on the outside of the bun. We’re not quite sure how this concoction is meant to be eaten, just make sure to ask for extra napkins.

Philly CheeseSteak - Bohobun


The Philly cheesesteak dates back to1930’s philadelphia. Bohobun brought this American staple to Egyptian shores and for good reason. It’s hard to go wrong with thinly sliced steak, grilled onions, and peppers submerged in a pool of cheese.

Moo Burger - Ismail Pacha Burger


It seems a healthy serving of molten cheddar was not enough for Ismail Pacha Burger. Their Moo burger is topped off with two sticks of fried mozzarella and onion rings for good measure.


Ultimelt - Mince



Mince’s ultimelt holds more than initially meets the eye, this burger’s buns are actually two grilled cheese sandwiches.

Cheese Madness- Willy's Kitchen


While many places serve burgers with cheese, Willy’s serve cheese with burger. Extending beyond the burger like Saturn’s marvelous rings, this burger has cheese to spare.


Cheese Jars - MenCanta Burger



Mencanta is the only place on our list which doesn’t put cheese on their burgers. That’s because you get to do that yourself. Whether you prefer cheddar, mozzarella, or parmesan, help yourself to a jar of cheese and get messy.

Stuffed Buns - Lakma

Resembling jelly donuts more than burgers, Lakma’s sandwiches are basically a beef patty baked with cheese into a bun, resulting in a smooth clean finish that’s hot and cheesy on the inside.