There's no secret that this quarantine has taken its toll on most of us, but even more so with parents because, like, kids and all. Miley Cyrus may have said a few years back that she can't be tamed but she was wrong because she was no Egyptian toddler. TBS has decided to do something about that and help parents entertain their kids during this time of need. 

The bakery now sends you doughnuts for you to colour at home. Yes, you read that right. You can be sat watching Tiger King (obvs without your kid because this whole thing is not actually for the kids but for the parents) whilst colouring a freakin' doughnut at the same time.

You can call them on 16679 and get dem doughnuts now. Oh, and they cost EGP 95 so you won't necessarily have to sell any of your kids to afford them, you know, for when you order them on a daily basis.