Sunday June 16th, 2024
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New Cairo’s Khashoka Is a Celebration of Jordanian Cuisine

The least represented Levantine cuisine is at last making an appearance, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Layla Raik

We speak one language, we live in the same region, and our cultures are, to a large extent, interconnected. The Arab world has always been a melting pot of cultures, where traditions, beliefs, clothes and even myths get traded around and shared by people of varying nationalities. Even the food we eat is sometimes similar. However, it is never the same. Sure, Egyptians, the Lebanese, and Palestinians all love falafel - but are they the same falafel?

"These little differences make all the difference," says Omar Metwally, the co-founder of Khashoka, an all-new Jordanian restaurant in Egypt serving authentic Levantine dishes according to the unique Jordanian method. Khashoka already has five locations around the region, in Jordan, Qatar, and Iraq. Joined by his Jordanian friend, Osama Sanwar, Metwally decided to bring the spot’s fresh new taste to the streets of Cairo, which were previously devoid of authentic Jordanian cuisine.

“Jordanian food is very different from what we’re used to here in Egypt, their method of cooking is very different from ours,” Metwally tells Scene Eats, “for example, where we use natural ghee and oil, they exclusively cook with olive oil. These subtle differences translate into an entirely new taste.”

Previously, Metwally, a working dentist, ventured exclusively in the world of medicine. When he found out about the nature of Jordanian cuisine, however, his interest was piqued by how much healthier Jordanian cuisine was thanks to its foundation in olive oil. Together, the duo decided that Khashoka’s maqdous and zaatar manoucheh had to reach the Cairene palate.

“Khashoka is, at its core, an extension of Jordanian hospitality,” Metwally tells Scene Eats. “The restaurant embodies the value that visitors are not merely visitors - they’re family.” Deviating from the fast food model currently plaguing the majority of dining destinations across the country, Khashoka welcomes guests for a more wholesome experience. Every aspect of your time at the restaurant is given ample thought and care, from the minute you sit down and all the way until you have your post-dinner cup of tea. Many of their dishes require intricate preparation, like the mansaf, sajia and fukhara, and the meticulous care they are given can be tasted in every spoonful.

“At the end of the day, Khashoka is all about celebrating Jordanian culinary traditions. We’re currently exploring exciting projects that continue to enable Khashoka to be an ambassador of the heritage of Jordanian cuisine.”


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