In the past, we’ve universally been advised to dress to impress. However, as countless narratives shift to more substantial perspectives, we’ve migrated our awe to more fortifying elements: food. The pursuit of a dining destination both opulent and amusing, i.e. sufficient to impress your date/friends, has become the leading stressor of every night out. The Cairo Marriott’s Torii, however, has bolstered itself as our unfaltering go-to for exuberant nights out.

Torii’s specialisation in authentic Japanese cuisine sets them apart as one of the city’s most distinguished sushi spots, making them perfect for upscale dates (because everyone knows sushi is the ideal date food – lipstick unscathed). However, the restaurant’s expertise does not end at nigiri and unagi, Torii is distinguished by an enticing teppanyaki experience known for leaving visitors awestruck.

Rather than leaving you to traverse every ‘topic of conversation’ imaginable haunted by the worry of whether or not your food will ever show up, Torii involves visitors in an immersive dining experience with live cooking stations where you can watch your teppanyaki grill live, and sometimes even participate in the process. In other words, you can wave goodbye to awkward filler conversations.

Wednesdays see the restaurant’s extensive buffet come to life, featuring a number of Japanese specialties from sushi rolls to sweet and sour chicken wings to salmon tataki salad. For the more ravenous, Torii’s invites visitors in an escapade where only the fittest (and the most peckish) can survive: all-you-can-eat Mondays and Fridays.

For reservations, call 0227283000 or 202 27394631.