It seems like everyday you hear about a new fried chicken shop opening up somewhere around your neighbourhood or someone else’s. It’s a thing. Roses are red, violets are blue, fried chicken shops will always freakin’ find a way to open and that’s that. But that’s not how it is anywhere else that’s not Cairo, anywhere else that’s not Cairo is not blessed with the gift (or curse) that is fried chicken shops. That is exactly why we’re ecstatic with the arrival of Cajun in *drumroll* Mansoura.

The aptly-named restaurant obvi is all about that cajun life; meaning, your chicken is going to be flavoursome and juicy which, in all honesty, is all one wants from life sometimes (loljk most times*). Here’s how their menu goes: you can have them broasted with meals, or in sandwiches. The latter shines because you have a wide pool of chicken to jump into -- from Cordon Bleu to cheese chicken, cajun chicken with shrimps and the likes of that. Yum!

Creamy cajun chicken from Cajun

You can find Cajun on University Street at Mo’men Towers. If you’re a socially distanced kween, however, you can just call them up on +2 0109 101 9788.