It's safe to say that fries are just one of those things that are just universally loved. Like, have you ever met someone that didn't love fries? Exactly. This is why the following news is going to hit deep because joining the fries game in Om El Donia are the new Dutch Fries.

Ibrahim Elsanan and Ahmed Khairat, the two masterminds behind the new brand, were inspired by the Amsterdam street food and decided to give us a taste of those crunchy af potatoes. Because dutch fries are not frozen (yay), they stand out from all dem other fries. 

"We wanted to bring home the Dutch experience,” Elsanan tells us. "This is why we created the Dutch fries food truck." Crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside and finally thrown into a paper cone for easy fries-ing. Yas or what? Oh, and to make everything even better, you can choose any of their 18 sauces and get dippin’. From the obvi ketchup and mayo dip to their delicious thick and crunchy sauce and so much more.

Get yourself to the First Settlement ASAP because that’s where you’ll find your perfect serving of fries and a little piece of Amsterdam.