We don’t know about you but does Italian food feel as wholesome as it does for us? Whether we’re feasting on pizza or pasta, Italian cuisine is, hands down, one of the most comforting in the world. Hoping to carry through all the food feels we’ve just mentioned is La Citta, a 6th of October eatery that serves (you guessed it) homemade Italian food.

Their menu boasts all the classics along with international fusion dishes. We’re talking bruschetta, minestrone, parmesan melanise pizza, aglio e olio spaghetti and everything in between...except they will taste like they were made by your non-existent Italian grandma. La Citta also serves a range of lasagna and raviolis so you can pasta la vista, in addition to steak, chicken and seafood dishes because, again, they’re all about that wholesome life.

“Bringing the authentic Italian warm experience to Egypt is my ultimate goal,I have been to various cities in Italy, including Rome, Milan, Naples, Florence &, etc. And my idea is to gather these experiences in La Citta or the City, reflecting the painstaking care, personal pampering, and dedication provided to every aspect of the operation, in a friendly, cooperative and rewarding Italian environment.” Abd El Latif, the owner of La Citta tells SceneEats.

You can find La Citta at Mall of Egypt or just hit them up via +2 02 3612 1221. They will also be joining you this summer at Marassi’s Mporium.