Saturday July 13th, 2024
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Noisette is Putting on Mesmerising Light Shows for Iftar & Sohour

Organised by Tacc Network, Mall of Egypt's outdoor plaza area has been transformed into a festive Ramadan wonderland.

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Most of us are lighting up our Ramadan nights with a colourful lantern. At Mall of Egypt, the Noisette experience brightened it up with a breathtaking kinetic light show for the first time in Egypt, along with a lineup of live musical performances!

Organised by Tacc Network in collaboration with Mall of Egypt, the mall’s outdoor plaza area has been transformed into a festive wonderland within their Ramadan dome, with a grand opening headlined by none other than Massar Egbari. From March 29th onwards, corporate guests are invited to indulge in an iftar buffet, while corporates and individuals can pick a dish out from a sohour set menu, all catered by Butlers & Co.

With last year's thrilling performances by Ahmad Saad and Nour Abdelsalam, the second edition of Noisette promises to double down with a thrilling entertainment programme every Thursday and Friday. To make a reservation or learn more, call 01000605591 or 01270999989, or visit


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