The importance of good old EVOO is not to be undermined in Arab or Italian cuisines. Be it foul or pesto, high quality olive oil is paramount to all the Mediterranean flavours, and beyond lies a whole world of artisan creations waiting to be explored. Taking that mission to heart, Sina is the local farm stepping up the olive oil game. 

Grown on a family-owned farm in Ras Sudr, Sinai the olive oil company makes handpicked, cold pressed, unfiltered and artisan-flavoured extra virgin olive oil. From favourites like garlic rosemary, chilli, and pesto to lesser-known nutty flavours like peanut and pistachios.

Next time you’re whipping up some labneh or want to make arrabbiata from scratch, look no further from these oils which are about as pure in quality as one can get. To make your order, DM them on Instagram or WhatsApp them through +2 0111 871 8216.