Born 40 years ago in Portugal, ‘BICAFÉ’ – an international café and roasting company – is finally opening its doors to Egyptian coffee-lovers with a brand new branch in CityStars, with branches in France, Luxembourg, Spain, the UK and more The brand – which take their coffee very, very seriously – has over its history garnered a rep for itself as being a trailblazer for Portuguese espresso coffee and coffee beans, ground coffee, and, since 2008, coffee capsules, and the new Cairo branch is making it a point to spread the Portuguese love.

Besides their collection of premium espressos, café , cappuccinos and more, the ‘BICAFÉ’ offers a selection of baked goods, healthy breakfast options, sandwiches, salads, soups and mains like ‘Medallion Fillet’, ‘ ‘Grilled Salmon’, and ‘Beef Basil’, as well as pastas, pizza, dessets and ice cream, and juices and soft drinks for those who don’t stan coffee (aka people we don’t understand). 

To kick off your Portuguese coffee journey, you can find ‘BICAFÉ’ at CityStars Phase II Level 3.