Saturday June 15th, 2024
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This Bakery Offers Instagrammable AF Vegan Cookies

This adorbz shop is looking to ‘doughminate’ Egypt’s cookie dough scene with its collection of cookies, cookie dough (including vegan options).

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Looking to give us more of an opportunity to be kinder to the environment and kinder to our dessert cravings is a local brand called called ‘Doughminate’ who not only provide fresh regular cookies, but also offer vegan ‘cookie dough’ (which  in a way – is even better) so you can get your hands on the cookies fresh out of the oven (or eat them raw while watching the 237742422th episode of your favourite Netflix show (we don’t judge).

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On the menu, you’ll find their classic chocolate chip cookies or “Choco-chunk”, loaded cookies and cookies containing combining milk and white chocolate the “Chocolate-Duet”, as well as its ‘Chocolate Blackout’ containing and overdose of chocolate. If you’re looking for cookie dough and batter (some of which is colourful and Instagrammable af, ‘Doughminate’ also offers brownie batter ft. white chocolate, M&M’s and Reese’s, lotus, unicorn cookies using the colours of blue, pink and purple, and the ‘Cookie Monster’ which – in their words, not ours – ‘tastes like blue. (we think we know what they mean by that). If you’re a vegan or trying your hand at the lifestyle, you can opt for their 100% vegan cookie dough also. What’s more, the brand makes it a point to use sustainable packaging.

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