No need to travel across the world now to bring over your favourite foods. We’ve all done it. Whenever we travel )lol remember travelling?), we’d end up with a luggage filled with healthy (they were mostly non healthy tbh but shush) snacks and spices and foods and anything that we can’t ever find in Egypt. No shame. Mighty Foods might  have made this a lot more easier for us. The new brand is an online food distributor that focuses on supplying the Egyptian market with food brands that are rarely found in Egypt. 

It’s basically an online supermarket that carries healthy things that you can’t find at your local supermarket! They have a huge range of selection such as maple syrups, agave nectars, oatmeal, non-dairy drinks, snacks like granola bars and the list goes on and on. They pick from the best in the world and deliver it right to your doorstep. What a moment for all of us Cairenes that are stuck at our homes in 2021.