Even though the world is kinda turning upside down and it seems like life won’t be returning to the state we once used to know, there are things that get us excited and have us jumping up and down. Wonderville is the name and ice-cream is their game. The new brand offers the most magical Egyptian ice-cream in town -- giving our 2020 summer a delish upgrade for your WFH tbh. 

In all cases, your fab dreams can now become reality; from strawberry ice-cream to your not-so-basic peanut butter & peanuts in chocolate with caramel sauce ice-cream and so much more, you guys. They even got blue cotton candy ice-cream, can you believe it? Whether you’re in the mood for spooning out an ice-cream pint (no worries, we all do it) or biting into that ice on a stick, or taking that ice-cream filled cone into your hands..they have it all.

Best of all, you don't need to go to an ice-cream parlour cause all dem creamy and magical goodies are available in lots and lots of local supermarkets such as Royal House, Flamingo, Penny, Oscar, Miriam Market and Kimo.