Going out nowadays has become a burden, whether it was because of traffic, reservations or just the lack of fun places to hang out with your friends and family. Even on the rare occasions where everything goes as planned and you do go out, places are always packed and quite repetitive tbh. 

So, for a change we decided to stay in more and order snacks and finger food, which wouldn't have been possible without Zakuski Appetizers. 

You need not worry about being the hostess with the mostess anymore, because they'll do all the work for you. With just one phone call (or sliding into their DMs), you can have platters of canapes and dips delivered to your doorstep; hassle free and with no dishes to do. The brand offers an array of delicacies that are totes crowd-pleasers. Oh, and Zakuski Appetizers also provides a selection of healthier options if you choose to live that life. But in all honesty, who's going to have healthy food while watching a match or on game night?

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