Saturday April 13th, 2024
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The Chicken Olympics Continue: The SceneEats Guide to Grilled Chicken

You know when Layla told Mido to get her half a grilled chicken in ‘Mido Mashakel’? Yeah, same. Here are some of the best grilled chicken in Egypt!

Layla Raik

We’ve done fried chicken and shawarma and, now, it’s finally time we pay our respects to our saviour at the end of long days where we forget to eat, impromptu guests, and attempts at diet plans: grilled chicken. How many times did the familiar sight of that bed of yellow rice topped with an expanse of chargrilled chicken, often sided with garlic dip or pickled veggies, slow our heart rate, unclench our jaws and relax our shoulders?

The merits of grilled chicken are simply too many to count. We’re getting anxious just thinking about it - perhaps it’s a good idea to call one of our favourite spots for a quick fix? Speaking of which, here are the absolute best places to get fried chicken in Cairo…


Heliopolis, Cairo

With an exquisite super secret seasoning recipe, Bahy has all of Cairo in a chokehold with its unparalleled grilled chicken. 


Branches all over Cairo

If there’s one thing we remember from our childhood, it’s that Andrea’s grilled chicken has always been unfailingly delicious. It’s just how things go.

El Dahan

Branches all over Cairo

A few taps on your favourite contactless food ordering app could have your hunger satiated all thanks to El Dahan’s grill, which is basically on every other street. 

El-Menofy Kababgy

Branches all over Cairo

At first glance, El-Menofy is just a Kababgy. But, up close, it’s so much more, including a fantastic dinner spot to recreate the infamous “Etlobly nos farkha” scene from Mido Mashakel

Zain Al-Sham

Old Market, Rehab City

Taking up the better half of the Old Market in Rehab, near gate 6, is the Syrian culinary haven that is Zain Al-Sham - experts at shawarma, fatteh and, most importantly, grilled chicken. 

Chicken Tikka

Branches all over Egypt Chicken

Tikka has simply, having been around for ages, cemented its spot in the chicken hall of fame. It’s just a go-to at this point.


The Drive, New Cairo and Mall of Egypt, Sheikh Zayed

Where do the Tagamoa kids go when they need a good plate of grilled chicken? Bayouki. It’s cool, hip and absolutely gobsmackingly sumptuous. 


Downtown Katameya Mall, New Cairo

What was first a seasoned chicken delivery service has blossomed into a fully-fledged walk-in chicken restaurant, where the grilled chicken is treated with a respect akin to sanctity. Which is, of course, exactly what it deserves.


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