Saturday July 13th, 2024
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Where to Find the Best Molten Cake in Egypt - A Scene Eats Guide

You know what they say: when you need to have a meltdown, make sure molten chocolate flows with you.

Layla Raik

After an unreasonably long (seriously, how did this month last so long), cold January, our collective energy has taken a hit or two. Be it the onslaught of new year strategising or the throes of finals season, the month often has got us scrambling for comfort and warmth - something that would satiate the deeper hunger in our souls. We may have emerged victorious, but we are, alas, also ravenous. 

It is through years of experience and many a rewatch of Bridget Jones’s Diary on cold cold winter nights that I can attest to the effectiveness of a specific, physical-state-transcendent dessert in times like this: the molten cake. Warm, soft, and oozing with chocolate, this cake supplies us with the sugary outpour we need to match our inner emotional outpour. For your February showers, here is a guide to the best molten cake in Egypt. 

House of Cocoa

Branches all over Egypt 

Like a dragon in its den, it’s only sensical how good House of Cocoa’s molten cake is. Truly chocolate-y. 


Branches all over Egypt 

Follow up your hefty burger, or enchiladas and nachos, with something just as substantially filling, but much sweeter. Chili’s molten cake is delicious. 

Sizzler Steak House

Branches all over Egypt

Just like their steaks sizzle on the grill, Sizzler’s molten cake seethes from within, with a hefty serving of molten chocolate simply waiting to be let out. 


Gamal Salem St, Mohandessen

Coming in a huge, oval dish where the molten cake is an ice-cream-topped island accompanying a small sea of molten cocoa, Spago’s molten cake is a sight for sore eyes. 


Branches all over Egypt 

The thing about Crave is that, besides its more eccentric ventures, it has the basics down to a point. Their molten cake is but a mere example of the franchise’s unfailing skill. 

Dip N Dip

Branches all over Egypt

This is pretty self-explanatory. When in search of hefty molten cakes, look no further than the national home of chocolate, the infamous Dip N Dip. 

Four Seeds 

Delivery all over Cairo

Popular in health-conscious spheres for their nutritious but no less delicious treats, Four Seeds crafts a chocolate-heavy keto molten cake worth your time. 

Brew & Chew 

Branches all over Egypt

For as long as I can remember, the brown, green and pink logo of Brew & Chew has been the first thing to come to mind when considering molten cakes. Perhaps because they got it right so early on, or because they continue to uphold their quality of the dessert - to be frank, we don’t really care. We just know we’ll be going there for our molten cake fix soon. 


5A, 5th Settlement & Mall of Arabia, Sheikh Zayed 

Small and cute but deadly (in the best possible way), Gala’s molten cake comes covered in a light layer of snowy powdered sugar and premium cocoa. 


Delivery all over Egypt Well?

Can’t the diabetics and diet fanatics join in on the molten cake fun too? Ketonista’s molten cakes are a tried and tested way to cure your period cravings without forcing your body to suffer in the meantime. 

Joosy & Frozze

Branches all over Egypt

The new dessert spot taking over our TikTok FYPs and Instagram reels makes a soul-fortifying molten cake covered in melted milk chocolate that has allegedly restored life to countless foodies


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