Valentine's Day is here and we can't help but think about one thing: food, obvs. This is exactly why we've decided to list down all of our favourite Egyptian food couples that are basically better than any relationship you've ever been in. Sorry, not sorry.

Watermelon & White Cheese 

Bateekh and gebna beeda are a way of life. That is the law.

Lentil Soup & Onions

This couple is usually our favourite when it's winter for obvious reasons.

Basbousa & Cream 

Basbousa and eshta are, sometimes, all one needs to live a better life. 

Molokhia & Rabbit 

Can you even have molokhia without rabbits??? That was a rhetorical question. 

Mahshi & Duck

Nothing like a feast of mahshi and ducks to make you feel like a motherfreakin' prince, princess or gender non-confirming royalty.

Carrots & Peas

We also don't mind when they open up their relationship and allow rice to get in the middle of them for a bit. 

Tahini & Molasses  

Brb while we get some bread.

Feseekh & Renga 

We ship them even when it's not Easter because nomnomnomnom.