We like eating ice cream as much as the next person (probably even more tbh). We could eat it, like, every single day of our existence without ever complaining one tiny bit. Eating ice cream, however, doesn't do much good to anyone but the person who is actually eating...until now at least. Everyone's favourite ice cream joint, Dara's Ice Cream, just joined forces with the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation for a one of a kind partnership.
The A Heartful Scoop of Happiness campaign starts on Valentine's Day where all profits from anyone purchasing Dara's new range of Sweetheart flavours (Darling which is coffee caramel, Truelove which is caramel ribbon, Lovebird which is chocolate caramel and One & Only which caramel with peanut crunches) will be used for open heart surgeries and catheterisations. 
"It means a lot to us when brands decide to use their reach and influence to support our cause," Reem Gadelrab, Marketing Director at Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation, tells us. "We operate solely on donations, so the community's support is vital to our operations. We're able to save lives because of people's contributions. Thank you for being a part of saving a child's heart." 
This Valentine's Day/season can be just more than giving yourself love or the people you have in your life, and the Wonder Woman behind the ice cream shop knows just that. |I decide that I need to make a bigger difference in someone’s life. Giving back to the community made so much sense...by helping kids who are struggling with their health," Dara Ghoshesh explains. "I have a dynamic customer base who are very supportive and loving and I consider them my greatest partners so I thank them for all of the continuous love and support."