Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Puffy Pops: This Pancake-Zalabya Fusion Is What Dessert Dreams Are Made Of

How many can you stuff in your mouth at once?

Staff Writer

Imagine yourself walking down Alexandria's Corniche, your sweet tooth is getting the best of you, with many beautiful options in the peril on the Mediterranean, you get stuck. You freeze. Unable to make a decision because that's just the kind of person you are and you totes need us to lead you through life. That is why we want to tell you to look no further than Puffy Pops.

This new marvel of ingenuity is exactly what you have been missing! Is it a pancake or is it zalabya? It’s both? And that's what a Puffy Pop is!

Put the rest of your day on hold, head over to Kafr Abdou, Alexandria, and try these mouth-watering, soft on the inside, just right on the outside, little balls of heaven! As if it couldn’t get any better, you get to top it with Nutella, Lotus, Galaxy chocolate, berries and many more yumtastic flavours (seriously, who’s down to road trip to Alex with us?) 


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