Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Abo Omar: The New Cairo Eatery Solely Dedicated to Tagines

When it comes to tagines, they’ve got them all, just like Ash wanted to do with Pokemon but couldn’t.

Badreya Electroneya

It’s not everyday that you stumble upon a palace-looking eatery that makes nothing but tagines, tagines and more tagines. Abo Omar is that eatery, and they’re not playin’ around. Not one bit. Remember how Ask Ketchum wanted to catch all Pokemon ever but couldn’t? Well, Abo Omar caught all tagines, sis. 

They make tagines in three sizes: small, medium and large (with the large being actually large). When it comes to the content of the actual tagine, girl, they’ve got them all -- just like Ash wanted to do with Pokemon but couldn’t. They’ve got kaware3, molokhia, mombar, mahshi, sogo2, liver and whatever tagine you could ever think of.

The la7ma tagine from Abo Omar

Oh, and there’s more! The three-story restaurant also makes dessert tagines -- from konafa to rice pudding, making sure your sweet tooth is well taken care of. Is it just us or do you also want to cut all ties with everyone you know and move into the palace-restaurant-thingy?

All you have to do is head to Tes3een Street or call +2 0121 208 8860 to get them to come to you.


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