Saturday April 13th, 2024
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After Being Destroyed in Gaza, This Shawarma Spot is Reborn in Cairo

After their restaurant was destroyed in Gaza, the founders of Hay Al-Rimal rebuilt their culinary legacy in Cairo.

Layla Raik

Shawarma Al-Turky’ was once a bustling Palestinian restaurant in the Gaza Strip, located directly in front of Al Shifa Hospital. After their restaurant was destroyed during the ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza, the founders of Hay Al-Rimal evacuated to Cairo, and rekindled their culinary ambitions with a new restaurant, Hay Al-Rimal, in Ezbet El-Nakhl.

Named after the Al-Rimal neighbourhood in Gaza city, the restaurant serves traditional Palestinian shawarma sandwiches and fatteh, drenched in tahini, decorated with pickles, and wrapped in hand-baked bread made the Palestinian way. You could also indulge in their ‘farshouha’, a bigger, square-shaped sandwich that is just as delicious as the regularly shaped one. Their falafel sandwich, also made the traditional Shami way, is vegan-friendly and equally delicious. Had too much food at iftar? You can snack on Hay Al-Rimal’s delicious mayonnaise ‘malfouf’ or their Palestinian red pepper.

Every ingredient that goes into their food, down to every spice used, is made in-house according to Palestinian recipes that have long flourished in Gaza. As more and more people travel to Hay Al-Rimal every day, eager to support the founders, the spot is gaining popularity as its keffiyeh packaging flies ever higher. With a commitment to preserving Palestinian heritage by being true to their cuisine, Hay Al-Rimal stands as a powerful exemplar of Palestinian perseverance.


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