Hurrahs are due, but not because of marching ants; the tiny marchers in this celebration are Alexandrian restaurant Baba Gedo’s army of 10-cm-long sandwiches, who just made it to the suburbs of New Cairo. In other words, the familial embrace of our beloved ‘Baba Gedo’ is closer than ever.

Next time you’re feeling particularly peckish and entirely indecisive (it is Libra season, after all) a visit to Baba Gedo in Chillout, Sadat Axis, New Cairo, could easily have you supplied with your chosen assortment of deliriously loaded traditional sandwiches. Don’t dare forget dessert, though; the Ebn Okht Baba Gedo mix - a piled concoction of Nutella, white chocolate, Oreo and peanuts - is not to be missed.