Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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America's Haven for Everything Seafood Skrimp Shack Opens in Cairo

Skrimp Shack is what the inside of every seafood junkie’s dreams look like.

Badreya Electroneya

America’s favourite spot for deep fried seafood, the scrumptiously-skrimptious Skrimp Shack just safely boarded in Om El Donia, and we’re here for it. And truly nothing screams America more than the use and abuse of deep fryers, no tea, no shade we’re obvi here for deep fried goodness, ma’am. If you want to experience America’s sweetheart Skrimp Shack and fried food is not your forte, no need to worry because all their meals have a ‘grilled’ option to them. Considerate legends? DUH.  

Seafood just got a level up in this country

Skrimp Shack is what the inside of every seafood junkie’s dreams look like. Think of them as KFC’s replacement but for seafood. What makes the Egypt branch pop is the fact that they have items here that they don’t have back home. For example, here they make the instantly iconic Hushpuppies, a seafood side dish made of cornmeal batter, then shaped into a ball and deep fried afterwards, ultimately making their main attraction in our opinion. Additionally, the joints Nana Pudd’n made from fresh bananas and thawed whipped cream is simply to die for and makes for a delicious treat after indulging on their Skrimp basket.

The kind of creations they make 

With on branch in Madinaty's Open Air Mall, Skrimp Shack aims to expand to Sheikh Zayed very soon.


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