Carrying out our anti-tech Ted Kaczynski dreams of abandoning all civilisation and taking up a holistic farm life, Balady Farms are the Obour-based cosy ecological farmlands taking it upon themselves to bring natural & organic food to our desensitised Cairo palates. 

The days of having to get your steak fixes at the nearest high-end chain restaurant are over; Balady Farms specialise in ecologically and ethically raising cattle to perfect the quality of their product. Besides that, their products come in a variety of cuts and minces, perfect for impressing your dad’s friends at that Sahel barbecue. The farm also concocts delicious, ready-to-cook delicacies from the freshest ingredients of their land, like mombar, mahshi, and the famed Syrian halloumi cheese barak. 

On the less carnivorous side of things, Balady Farms’ collection of homegrown nuts is the perfect choice for the healthy lunch-packing spread of our dreams. The farm also specialises in a true-to-nature roselle that would elevate even the most boring of breakfasts, or, if the season is right the delicious drink can work wonders alongside the farm’s natural dates.