Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Breads, Bagels & More: Say Hello to Your New Fav Breakfast Spot in Hurghada

Your new fav brekkie spot in Hurghada has arrived.

Staff Writer

The people of Hurghada don’t need to be jelly of Cairenes no more when it comes to, like, baked goodies, mostly bagels tho, because they just got their own shop that focuses on the aforementioned things: Breads, Bagels & More.

Joyce Thienpont‎, which happens to be the Wonder Woman behind the brand, is a Belgian-Russian baker that is a Hurghada stan. Naturally, when she found a gap in the baking market, she decided to do things herself which is when she started Breads, Bagels & More. Thienpont’s bakery makes all kinds of delish goodies -- from bagels (obvs) to baguettes and doughnuts. Oh, and you can also find traditional Russian sweets like honey cakes and such if you’re feeling like getting close to the Motherland (we’re speaking to Russians obviously). 

If you fancy a new spot for brekkie in the beautiful Red Sea city or betetwa7am 3ala bagels (because they were a mythical food in Hurghada before this bakery existed), then this spot is for you.


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