Cairo's Favourite Foodie Couple Just Launched Their Own TV Show and it's Brilliant

From guest stars every episode to cooking in pyjamas, the show is never short on being entertaining.

Shahan and Melisse Terzibashian, better known as cairofoodiecouple have been stepping up Egypt’s food game since 2016, and they’ve just done it again. The couple’s new show ‘Akl Shaware3’ airs tonight at 7:00 on Fatafeet and it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.


Shahan and Melisse start off every episode at a new restaurant. After they’ve had a taste of the food, we follow the couple into the restaurant’s kitchen where a chef walks them through two different recipes. The Terzibashians then head back to their studio kitchen to put together a meal with the guest of the day. From chefs and foodies to celebrities and influencers, the repertoire of guests never ceases to make an episode unique. ‘Akl Shaware3’ wraps up with Shahan and Melisse in their pyjamas putting together a quick and easy snack.