Once a noble act by a French prince to honour a certain special Suzette, now a delectable dessert and a Cairo-spanning cafe-restaurant associated exclusively with quality and good times, famed dessert hotspot Crêpes Suzette is finally opening in New Cairo. 

Crêpes Suzette is diligent about not being the spot you associate with failed first dates and breakup venues (*cough cough* Paul Korba *cough cough*). This is why, having cemented memory as a key element in its brand concept, the eatery is bringing you its very own Pont des Arts, where you can lock your memories away Paris-style. 

“We hope to bring people together to create memories over good food, satisfy their sweet tooth, and indulge in all the crêpes their heart desires,” Crêpes Suzette co-founder Farida tells SceneEats. “I was always a sentimental person, so creating a space where people can enjoy every meal with friends and family, or just grab a dessert on the go from our takeaway crepe station, was essential.”

Utilising double space, double the love, and a whole lot of new perks, the new Leven-Square-bound Crêpes Suzette will boast a new & improved menu of lunch and dinner specials, so you could camp out all day at the elusive art deco hotspot. With 2 flambé trolleys that make a show out of the original crêpes Suzette done right joining the fleet, the new branch will be bringing the rich concept to unprecedented palatable levels. 

Besides the classics, co-founder Farida is adamantly excited about one of Crêpes Suzette’s latest additions to the menu, the Créme Brulée crêpes! Inspired by the creative’s latest trip to London, the cone-rolled crepe features the eatery’s signature creme brûlée recipe topped with caramelized sugar for an unmatched dessert experience. 

Finally, the cherry on top for this new branch is their partnership with beloved coffee brewers Seven Fortunes, creating a delicious fusion between the extensive sweet palate of crepes with the jolting beauty of SF. 

You can visit the budding sweet spot starting its soft opening on January 10th, or await its grand opening at the end of the month.