Saturday July 13th, 2024
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Downtown Cairo's Iconic Saad El Haramy Now Delivers Sohour Across All of Cairo

The sohour king we don't deserve.

Staff Writer

Ramadan is here and it's no surprise that it's different than any other year. We have Corona to worry about, a national curfew being implemented, everyone practicing social distancing -- among lots of other things. Again, it's no surprise that tbe sohour that we used to be excited about, you know, the one where kaftans reign supreme or playing card games with the squad over shisha and foul and falafel sandwiches are, obvs, no more. This is where Saad El Haramy comes in.

We can't promise you that you can don your new fav kaftan but you can still have some of the best foul and falafel sandwiches in town. Downtown Cairo's iconic ta3meya man, Saad El Haramy, has decided to save our Ramadan by delivering sohour wherever you are in the capital. Yup, you read that right.


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