It's safe to say that Egyptians will stop at nothing to celebrate food/fruits/anything that can be devoured. Koshary? Let's throw a festival to make the world's biggest plate of rice, pasta and lentils because we can. Macaroni bechamel? Let's do the same exact thing because YOLO. What about mango? Well, that's where Festivango (yup, they went there) comes in. 

Egypt's first ever mango festival will see itself taking over Rehab City's Family Park on September 13th where mango maniacs can celebrate the delicious taste of this glorious fruit together. From trying out different types of mangoes (there's, like, a lot) to participating in mango-eating competitions, having them as part of savoury dishes and so much more. 

Farmers from all over Egypt will also be joining forces to display traditional, hybrid and unique varieties of mangoes where everyone gets to stock up on their favourite variety. You'll also find tons of processed mango products on sale such as jam, chutney, mango pulp and mango juice.

Tickets cost EGP 150, and you can get them online via this link or by visiting their office in Nasr City. In conclusion, our Friday is sorted. 

For more about the event, click here.