Egypt will be keeping its (fav)a bean supply near home for the next three months, as per a new decision made by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. According to the statement the ministry made, the country is currently running low on beans, which as we know comprise a huge part of our daily diet. We’re inclined to agree with the decision— messing with our breakfast game is a deal breaker for us. No foul = no falafel. 

The reason for the low bean supply is a consequence of the spread of the Coronavirus, which has heavily impacted local farmers. By halting the exports for the next few months, the ministry hopes to be able to strengthen the stock of fava beans locally. As it stands, there are only enough beans to feed Egyptians per normal intake for the next five months. We don’t need to remind you, but we inhale beans like we do oxygen, so that’s not nearly enough. That’s what we call ‘foul’ play.