Basbosty – that’s not just one more strange nickname your great aunt whisked up in her kitchen adventures, it’s a fully-fledged sweet shop invading eastern Cairo with – you guessed it – basbousa. Except this is basbousa the likes of which you’ve never seen (and probably never even dreamed of).

Basbosty crafts an extensive array of over twenty options. From the Lotus-infused basbousa to the luscious mango and strawberry varieties, Basbosty's creative repertoire knows no bounds, going as far as presenting a substantial basbousa enrobed in a delectable combination of crispy kunafa strands and creamy goodness – because who said only mango kunafa could have all the fun?

As blasphemous as they sound, a thorough taste test of Basbosty’s odd creations may just be the freshener outing your friend group needs. In which case you can head to their New Cairo/Nasr City branches ASAP.