Saturday April 13th, 2024
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Cairo’s Most Magical Milkshakes: A SceneEats Guide

Boys in the yard guaranteed.

Layla Raik

The old legend goes that, woven into the creamy interlace of every strawberry-infused milkshake are faint rose-coloured memories of the sweetest smiles - a glimmering notion resemblant of real-life magic. We remember the day we uncovered the epiphanous truth behind how the milkshake came to be; a fateful evening in a McDonald’s drive-thru where it was unveiled to our wide-eyed 7-year-old self that we can’t have both a Sundae and a milkshake because they are one - a story as jarring to our youngin ears as that of the birds and the bees.

Fast forward to today, we, like many others, have gotten over the milkshake trauma, and have begun the eternal hunt for the milkshakes that will actually bring the boys to my yard. The fruits of our expeditions are, unblended with ice cream, laid out for you in this comprehensive 10-item guide.

Yaya Shakes

ChillOut N90, New Cairo

Yaya Shakes, I shake, we all shake for milkshakes at London-founded specialist milkshake spot Yaya Shakes. Freshly open on the streets of Tagamoa, Yaya Shakes revives the ‘true’ art of milk-shaking, with build-your-own options that blossom into wondrous creamy flavours. 

Munch and Shake

Al-Merghani Bridge, Heliopolis & One Golden Square Mall, New Cairo

As the 2007 hit goes, shake-shake-a-shake-shake it with Munch and Shake’s varied array of delicious burger-siding milkshakes.

Dirty Cookie

Garden 8, New Cairo & Park St., Sheikh Zayed

Just in time to complement our vibrant summer wardrobes, Dirty Cookie’s summer milkshakes feature colourful strawberry and lemonade flavours accentuated with a creamy finish.


Degla, Maadi & River Walk Mall, New Cairo

The London-based sweetery, famously a specialist in loaded chimney cakes, applies the same ice-cream-based generosity to their fluffy cookie milkshakes.


The Drive by the Waterway, New Cairo

After their stunning success with sobia mistika shakes last Ramadan, Maine has earned itself a spot on the list of our all-time favourite shake spots. PSA: their pistachio is to die for. 


The Drive by the Waterway, New Cairo

The fresh new healthy ice cream spot on the block does not just stop at ice cream with no added sugar, Yolé takes their milkshake game just as seriously with fruit-infused creations that are light on the stomach with just as much heart warmth.

Shakes n’ Bakes

The Park at MoA, 6th October City

The city’s designated milkshake spot, Shakes n’ Bakes crafts the most delicious milkshakes, including coconut, Maltesers and cotton candy flavours.

The Coffee Maker

Branches all over Cairo and the North Coast

As one of the hottest coffee spots in the city, The Coffee Maker has garnered fame both for their caffeinated treats and their heavily sought-after Lotus milkshake.

The Diner

Trivium Complex, New Cairo

Engage in true 70s sitcom activities in the neon glow of New Cairo’s The Diner, a low-light spot crafting scrumptious milkshakes that stand long and proud with a crown of whipped cream.

Shake That Bun

The Street by CFCM, New Cairo

Shake That Bun is one of the few burger joints that sees things for what they are, and that is that the shake comes first.Chocolate Bar

The Yard, Rehab, New Cairo

There’s not much to say about the Chocolate Bar. It just seems to be a natural at bringing all the boys to the Yard.


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