We’ve mostly seen meat in cans on TV shows in the west, but did you know that we also made them too? Hilariously named El Maalem, the new brand specialises in meat and poultry, and we’re here for it.

“The company was brought together by a group of investors who are interested in putting out a meat product that is easy to use, accessible and high quality, thus, El Maalem was born,” says Brand Manager Moataz Asal to SceneEats.

The product is simple. The meat is pre-cooked, partially, not all the way, and vacuum-sealed into a can, so that you can buy them from the supermarket and sautèe for a couple of minutes, and boom, it’s ready. 

They also make burgers and sausages, kawarea and akkawi. Yes, that is correct. You absolutely read that. To the foreign eye that doesn’t recognise what these two words mean, let us enlighten you. Kawarea are cow’s feet, and they’re usually made into a very high protein, delectable soup. Akkawi is a dish made with the tail of a bull, usually served in tagine form, and your grandma probably swears by its health benefits.

Their product prices range from EGP 165 to EGP 170. Imagine a fully hearty meal at that price in this day and age. Ah, to dream no more.