Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Get All of Your Favourite Imported Snacks from SNCKI

Tick tock, it's always going to be snack o'clock.

Badreya Electroneya

Do you happen to crave imported snacks but you're also struggling because of the import ban? Worry no more because we’ve found the perfect website for you, offering a selection of snacks from across the globe prepping you up for a proper munchin’.

SNCKI is the revolutionary Egyptian website that intends to change the narrative in terms of online snack ordering. With integrated filtering features helping you navigate through their website based on dietary preference -- whether you’re gluten, soy, palm or lactose-free, their website is optimised for your maximum convenience. They have a wide selection of kettle-cooked chips, crackers, popcorn and puffed snacks. You can find things like Cadbury Time Our, Werther's Original, Tony's Chocolonely and so much more.

The brand offers an assortment box called ‘Fun Box’ Filled with all kinds of chocolate, chips, crackers, and whatever it is that you want to nibble on is on there. Visit: and start snacking.


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