Saturday April 13th, 2024
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Gracias Brings Back Their Mexican-Egyptian '7awari El Mekseek' Suhoor

Guacamole girls, assemble!

Riham Issa

For all the guacamole girlies out there, Mexican food truck Gracias has officially put up their twinkly Ramadan lights and brought back their signature ‘7awari El Mekseek’ Suhoor menu.

A tantalizing fusion of Egyptian and Mexican dishes, the ‘7awari El Mekseek’ menu is a quirky rendition of your abuela’s traditional suhoor spread that promises to spice up your next Ramadan outing. We’re talking pistachio-crusted labneh topped with pomegranate seeds, mozzarella-stuffed taameya, and foul with zesty pico de gallo (with a generous side of guacamole of course – because how could we dare not?). And there should always be room for dessert; the menu features crunchy churros drizzled with tahini caramel sauce that will satisfy your persistent sweet tooth.


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