Fancy a pint with the squad, mate? Harry will sort ya out. No, for real, Harry will. Harry who? Harry’s Pub, of course. The iconic pub that has been reigning supreme over Zamalek (and Cairo) since forever is hands down the place to be if you crave that true English feel.

Located inside the illustrious Cairo Marriott hotel (the Zamalek Tower, to be specific), Harry’s makes all the classic pub grubs…but also way more than you could ever think. We’re talking Mexican dishes (for some reason Harry likes Mexican and we can’t complain tbh) like burritos, tacos and that lot. You know them.

Harry’s will make sure that you never miss any football match in your life because they broadcast every single one of them if you want to have one of those days/nights. In other words, Harry’s Pub is a vibe.