Saturday April 13th, 2024
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Bring Your Meals to Life with DeFarm’s Fresh Herbs and Veggies

Your chicken need not be stale and flavourless no more. We mean… unless you like it like that.

Staff Writer

Who doesn’t love them a zesty pesto sauce? Or a beetroot smoothie to drink (or spike)?

Instead of roaming aisles on aisles in various herb shops and marts, DeFarm’s got the loot. They’ve got a vast variety of dehydrated veggies, herbs and cooking powders for as far as the taste buds can go. The store prides itself on using the creme de la creme of dehydrating methods, with no preservatives or any no-no chemicals, it’s all natural. 

The range of products is perfect for novice and seasoned chefs, all simple to use and get experimental with. What also sets DeFarm apart is all their dehydrated products last up to a year, no catch, and no annoyingly frequent trips to the supermarket cause you’re out of peppers. 

DeFarm are now available in Oscar supermarkets, Almaza and Fifth Settlement, and at Royal House, Heliopolis. You could also just DM them for home deliveries.


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