The older we get, the less emphasis is placed on the classic 3-tier cheetah print (in teal) birthday cake. The simpler things are starting to catch our eye; single-tier, vaguely minimalistic and elaborately artsy flavours like Keika’s creations.

It brings us great sorrow to admit, however, that the classic 18cm cake is getting a bit inconvenient. Now that so many of our birthday celebrations are on the go, Keika has made slight adaptations to their treats to make them more accessible – so accessible you can stick them in your car cup holder.

Spanning as expansive of a menu as their regular cakes, Keika’s KeiKups are suitable for all occasions: birthdays, breakups, Mother’s Day and other sporadic celebrations of love (Labour day included). Based on your cake needs, you can order as many KeiKups as you want for a single occasion, all on theme for Instagram feed reasons.