It is in the early hours of the morning – eyes glued shut and mind questioning the reality of our existence – that we scramble to the closest cafe to give us those much-needed espresso shots which will shake us back into consciousness. That said, New Cairo’s Ilo’s specialty coffee makes up for all these painfully long, coffee-deprived and dysfunctional mornings with freshly brewed Americanos and caramel lattes.

Located in the heart of Patio food court, the cafe boasts earthy aesthetics and a relaxing ambience, making it the perfect spot for a potential date meet-up or some ‘me, myself and I’ time to reflect on troubling life decisions - Italian Mafia thriller protagonist style. Ilo’s, much like its on-screen coffeeshop counterparts - has a certain charm to it, with an all-around soothing vibe and a side of croissant wheels to make those remote flaky working days bearable.