Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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Julia’s Kitchen: An Escapist Daydream in The Heart of New Cairo

New Cairo’s newest international cuisine restaurant Julia’s Kitchen tastefully serves a slice of every culture.

Farah Desouky

Perusing the adolescent-ridden walkways of your local mall prompts a series of huffing, puffing and insatiable hunger pangs. A workout in essence, every shopping experience - or fashion ritual if you will - necessitates a calorific meal served in an equally eclectic setting. Setting that daydream in motion - and sublimating our senses in the process - is New Cairo’s Julia’s Kitchen.

Tucked amidst Cairo Festival City Mall’s fountain area, the international cuisine experts serve (pun intended) to animate our escapist daydreams. With phantasmagoric interiors, and brightly curated exteriors, the restaurant mimics that of a fantasy novel stitched together by the words of J.R.R Tolkein himself. Fusing local and international delicacies, Julia’s Kitchen is the restaurant-come-sanctuary placating stressful nights with oriental dips platters and Mexican breakfast tacos. 

Creating their own signature taste palette, Julia’s Kitchen’s lunch and diner menus tap into a wide range of cultural delicacies. Offering melting pots of oven-baked halloumi topped with fresh peaches, platefuls of rich seafood pasta and slowly-cooked beef ragu, the whimsical establishment embodies the true meaning of an experiential dining experience.

Despite shopping malls connoting loud crowded food courts and fast food options, Julia’s Kitchen frantically works to rectify the chaos. For bookings call 01023669069.


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