Nestled in the bustling metropolis of New Cairo, Kaakeh Square offers much-needed respite with its charming small-town bakery aesthetic and warm Lebanese hospitality. The nascent restaurant embodies the essence of Lebanese culture with a menu brimming with authentic cuisine and a location punctuated with inviting interiors.

Kaakeh Square boasts an extensive range of kaak, a traditional Lebanese pastry, that caters to a variety of palates and occasions. From lighter options, such as sesame- or oat-topped treats filled with cheese, to heartier options that are perfect for a full meal, the restaurant offers a comprehensive dining experience. Additionally, the restaurant elevates the traditional kaak with its inventive twists, such as halawa, Nutella, and jam fillings, that add a touch of sweetness to the classic treat.

To complete the sensory experience, Kaakeh Square also offers a range of sophisticated desserts, such as those scented with rose water and decorated with rose petals, and often featuring a pistachio crust.