Tuesday February 27th, 2024
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Koffee Kulture Breathes New Life Into Sahel’s Coffee Scene

After taking over the North Coast this summer, the new coffee spot plans to reign supreme over Cairo.

Badreya Electroneya

Being a coffee stan is mandatory for all girlbosses out there who need a quick morning mental lift after hitting snooze on all our 30-minute interval morning alarms. Luckily we’ve come across a homegrown brand serving us the caffeinated realness we so desperately need. Her name’s Koffee Kulture, and it is indeed giving culture shock in terms of where the coffee is sourced.

The coffee house has not fully come to fruition yet because their main Cairo location, which is going to be based in Arkan, is yet to be birthed. “Koffee Kulture has not officially come to life just yet,” says founder Amina Akef to #SceneEats. “However, as of right now, you can find us in Sahel’s Telal.” In terms of concept execution, the spot has been in the making for almost two years. “We are a speciality coffee concept with a bakery, breakfast, and brunch twist.

We even created new signature Koffee items that only we in the market produce,” Akef continued. Koffe Kulture provides a range of different coffees like ginseng, coconut latte and spicy Spanish latte. “Our association was built on revamping our customers' traditional way of having their daily iced coffee. Changing their daily routines from the classical iced cups to our Koffee Kan,” they explained. The new spot provides premium-grade coffee beans that are sourced from Brazil, Costa Rica and Colombia. Their mission is to aid in the cultivation of a culture who has nothing but love and appreciation for breakfast, brunch and brew across the country.


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