Amidst the hustle and bustle in North Zamalek, lies a hidden restaurant, watching over the starry-eyed couples and exploring friend groups roaming the island’s streets. At the top of the President Hotel lies the terrene haven that is La Terrace.

Serving you a delectable international cuisine with a side of breathtaking views of the neighbourhood’s greenery and the nearby Nile river, the eatery makes for a perfect spot if you’re wanting a friendly lunch, a fancy - but budget-friendly - dinner, or just a coffee & croissant when you decide to move your WFH station elsewhere.

Their breakfast, whether you decide to go for the multi-flavour pancakes, yoghurt parfait, or specialty toast, is absolutely soul-fortifying. A proper breakfast paired with the undying magic of the Nile air is the necessary jumpstart to any working day or brunch catch-up sesh with the girls - and their macchiato is just what you need to work up the guts to show the girls the new guy (barf noises included).

For more apres-midi hangouts, La Terrace has a show stopping - or conversation-buffering for awkward dates - dinner menu, complete with vegan options for our beloved Phoebe Buffays. From the absolutely delectable maple miso salmon to the impeccable pesto pasta, of course, preceded by nothing less than the smoked salmon & spinach quiche.

The eatery guarantees a night of fine dining, paired with an extensive range of cocktails that will help keep everyone at the table on their toes. Consider your hangover diffused with a taste of the restaurant’s gateau basque, a delicious warm crunchy cake filled with pastry cream.