Nothing says summer more than sipping on an ice cold smoothie by the pool. And because food is fuel, not therapy, fruity blends are the best way to charge up your body battery with essential nutrients you may not be getting in your three meals a day. If you’re anything like us, trading in a cheeseburger for an apple is a near impossible feat— like, it’s just not going to happen. So getting your fruit and greens intake in the form of a sweet af smoothie sounds like an absolute godsend. This is one gift the newly launched Lamoonata is about to bless us with. 

The new smoothie and juice delivery service literally just launched this month, and in addition to having an adorns, very on-brand company name, we’re highkey obsessing over their social media presence. Their quirky Instagram feed is not only hilarious, but serves up some crucial info about how different fruits can play into your health. 

Although the full menu hasn’t yet been released, this super young juice bar looks like it’s about to take over the smoothie game this Sahel season. Deliveries are operating in Cairo as of now, to find out more and peruse Lamoonata pay their Instagram page a visit.