The art of sandwich-making is a lot more complex than one would think. From the endless dilemma of what to put between your loaves and how to dress them up somewhat acceptably, to what bread to use and how to get that perfect crunchy consistency. In essence, making a sandwich connotes much more than the sexist attributes once placed on the portable concoction.

Thankfully, though, Luigi’s - a Maadi-based virtual sandwich bar not headed by our favourite shy Italian twin - is here to supplement our post-work soul-fortifying sandwich needs. 

Concocting extravagant meals and somehow fitting them between two loaves, Luigi’s specialises in making meals easy to carry and easy to eat (without deducting creativity points). With your choice of perfectly roasted inside-out white or brown baguette, the restaurant offers a colourful plethora of flavours you can choose from and none of that make-your-own tomfoolery we so often see.

Who needs more decision-making in this day & age? Whether you decide to sink your fangs into the luscious Gert - a brilliant concoction featuring fillet mignon, mushrooms, Parmigiano Reggiano, cherry tomato relish and a special mustard mix - or the hot-and-spicy Grilled Chicken Titus - a feast for chicken kings only featuring marinated grilled chicken thighs, tzatziki sauce, grilled red peppers and sriracha - the deli is bound to have you feeling wined and dined from the comfort of your own couch.

Serving vegetarian options as well, Luigi’s Herbivore makes vegetables fun again with an eggplant-zucchini-yellow pepper fiesta. You can also opt for Rolli’s Caprese, a delicious twist on the Italian salad that sees it on a loaf; making it all the more scrumptious.

You can experience Luigi’s delicacies by contacting them on 01288575415 or 01288575416.